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Annual Health Assurance 

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By joining our health assurance family you receive discounts on services and products as well as receiving 2 annual family wellness strategy consults. ($300 Value)

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Neuropathy Pain Reduction

What our members are saying

I feel so blessed to have found out about your work and to have been able to set up for us to talk....thank you for all of your help!

 I am looking forward to even more

--NR Montana, Va

Member Service Prices

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Non-Members Pay

Everyday Pricing is $150 per hour​

Homeopathic Remedies $15 per vial

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Herbal remedies for member's needs

More than 600 Homeopathic Remedies on hand daily

Brain Integration

Allergy & Candida Clearing


Annual Membership


per Year

For the whole family

24/7 questions answered by phone, text or email

365 days a year

Discounts on all services

2 -1 hour consultations annually included


Members Pay

Member Pricing is $125 per hour

Homeopathic Remedies $10 per vial

Discounted Member Pricing Saving 20% off retail on supplements

Neuropathy Treatments

Parasite Clearing/Vaccine Detox


Pain Reduction Techniques

Hormone Balancing